Bariatric Surgery

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Obesity causes or exacerbates many health issues, ranging from heart disease, Diabetes, cancer, asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, and many others.


This is the branch of medicine that deals with causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity. It includes dieting, exercise, behavioral therapy, pharmacology (drugs), and surgery.

Bariatric Surgery

Few recommend weight loss surgery as the first choice for obesity, but in cases where the Body Mass Index is over 40, or over 35 with serious coexisting medical conditions like diabetes, sometimes it is considered as an alternative to a high risk of death.

The determination of whether bariatric surgery is a good idea is way outside our expertise, and should between the individual and competent medical personnel. We will focus instead on the complications such surgery poses for eating addicts in recovery.

Most such surgical procedures restrict the stomach in some way, making it difficult to eat a large amount of food. The stomach feels “full” much earlier, which often limits the ability to binge. This usually results in significant weight loss, with decreased health risk from the obesity itself.

Gastric bypass surgery

Adjustable gastric band

There are some medical risk resulting from these procedures, due to nutritional problems, and others.

The first difficulty relating to addictive eating is that many people learn quickly that while they cannot binge on normal food, they can eat high-fat or more fluid foods, such as ice cream, milk shakes, or creamy foods.

The normal eating plan that suggests high-fiber, less processed foods becomes more difficult after bariatric surgery. Instead of three moderate meals a day, you may need five or six smaller meals. That is more times a day you have to make decisions about food. It is harder to eat out, where portion sizes are often too large anyway. It is even harder to deal with having to eat less than half of what you are served.

Bariatric Surgery, see also: Diabetes, Eating plan, Metabolism, Nutrition, Obesity, Sugar.

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