Beginning Recovery

So now we are ready to continue the process of beginning your recovery.


By following a very roughly moderate eating plan, you have already begun your physical recovery. As part of that, try to avoid any kind of bingeing, purging, or fasting, and very bad choices, which may include things high in fat or sugar, or other foods you can clearly associate with uncontrolled eating.

Your physical situation may require modifications. For example, there may be a medical reason (such as gastroplasty) that you need to have 5 or 6 smaller meals rather than about three moderate ones. If you are significantly overweight, your meals need to be larger than most people’s, or you will be eating too little for right now.


Emotions are normal, everyday things, with biochemical components. You cannot completely avoid unpleasant feelings, but you can become aware when you would typically use that emotion as an excuse to binge (or even to starve).


Notice how your mind is making judgments about your early recovery. Try to identify unrealistic expectations, such as rapid weight loss, or that you should be able to lose weight gradually without being a little hungry before you get to mealtime. Notice any thoughts of giving up, or postponing or suspending recovery.


Try to encourage some external guidance and encouragement. If there are family members or close friends who might be enlisted to help, try to get them on your team. If there are recovering people who might help, ask them. Read this guide and perhaps other online or printed literature. If you have religious connections or a sense that a Higher Power might be able to help, give that a shot, too.


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