Where do beliefs come from? Looking at their sources can help in checking out their present validity, and how compatible they are with a good recovery program.

Your earliest beliefs come from your family of origin. Soon after that you begin absorbing beliefs from your society or culture, teachers, peers, and others.

Consciously or not, you are always testing your belief system. Recent experience will strengthen or call into question earlier beliefs. Your strongest beliefs are probably those you’ve held for a long time and have had recently reinforced. This is part of the reason you may like to be around people who echo your beliefs.

Effect on Addiction

As your addiction progresses, your beliefs will usually mold to it. For example, if you believe that each person should do what they can without asking for help, your addiction will strengthen that belief, because the addiction is getting mileage out of that isolation and defiance.

Your beliefs probably will change as recovery and understanding grow. Often this change is in the direction of confirming earlier values or in challenging a distorted value system.

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Updated 8 Sep 2015

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