Big Book

The main source for AA and many other Twelve-Step programs is Alcoholics Anonymous commonly called the Big Book.

It is now in its Fourth Edition, and it includes the following:

The next 164 pages, 11 chapters, are often considered the core of the AA program.

  1. Bill’s Story
  2. There Is a Solution
  3. More About Alcoholism
  4. We Agnostics
  5. How It Works
  6. Into Action
  7. Working with Others
  8. To Wives
  9. The Family Afterward
  10. To Employers
  11. A Vision for You

Next are the stories of 42 alcoholics, and how they recovered from their malady, beginning with the story of Dr. Bob. They are in three groups:

Pioneers of AA

  • Doctor Bob’s Nightmare
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Number Three (Bill D.)
  • Gratitude in Action (Dave B, in Canada)
  • Women Suffer Too (Marty M.)
  • Our Southern Friend (Fitz M.)
  • The Vicious Cycle (Jim B.)
  • Jim’s Story (Jim S.)
  • The Man Who Mastered Fear (Archie T.)
  • He Sold Himself Short (Earl T.)
  • The Keys of the Kingdom (Sylvia K.)

They Stopped in Time

  • The Missing Link
  • Fear of Fear
  • The Housewife Who Drank at Home
  • Physician, Heal Thyself!
  • My Chance to Live
  • Student of Life
  • Crossing the River of Denial
  • Because I’m an Alcoholic
  • It Might Have Been Worse
  • Tightrope
  • Flooded with Feeling
  • Winner Takes All
  • Me an Alcoholic?
  • The Perpetual Quest
  • A Drunk Like You
  • Acceptance Was the Answer
  • Window of Opportunity

They Lost Nearly All

  • My Bottle, My Resentments, and Me
  • He Lived Only to Drink
  • Safe Haven
  • Listening to the Wind
  • Twice Gifted
  • Building a New Life
  • On the Move
  • A Vision of Recovery
  • Gutter Bravado
  • Empty on the Inside
  • Grounded
  • Another Chance
  • A Late Start
  • Freedom from Bondage
  • AA Taught Him to Handle Sobriety

Big Book, see also: Brown Book, History of Twelve-Step Groups, Literature, Meetings, Storytelling, Tools of Recovery, Traditions of AA.

Updated 8 Oct 2015

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