Binge History


If you are an eating addict, a binge history can help you develop an individualized eating plan and clarify the idea of abstinence or moderated eating. Other addicts who can relate to bingeing on food may want to review this module to help assess the impact of their involvement with food or eating.

Common Binge Foods

  • Sugary foods, without significant fat, like jelly beans, hard candies, jello, and any other low-fat sweets.
  • Sweet fats, like ice cream, doughnuts, candy bars, most pies, and any other high-fat sweets.
  • Flour products without much fat, like plain breads, or plain pasta (perhaps with tomato sauce, but not cheese), plain pretzels, bagels without cream cheese.
  • Flour products with fat, like pizza, bread and butter, pasta with meat or cheese, or other combinations of flour and fat.
  • Salty fats, like chips and dips, nuts, cream sauces, cheese sauces, gravies, and other salty nonsweet fats.
  • Concentrations of wheat, corn, yeast, chocolate, or other foods as possible sensitivities.

Most foods are combination foods, so it is difficult to sort out just what you tend to binge on. A dietitian or nutritionist can help evaluate binge history. If there are only a few specific foods or food components in most of your binges, that tells you to suspect sensitivity for those ingredients. But if your binges seem spread all over a variety of foods, your binge history may suggest quantity with little specific sensitivity.

Binge Patterns

Perhaps as important as what kinds of foods made up your binges, is how your binges took place. Were they:

  • Daily, or almost every day.
  • Weekends, or other predictable cycling.
  • At special occasions.
  • Following special occasions.
  • Occasional, but intense.
  • Combined with particular moods.
  • Reacting to another’s behavior.
  • Any other interesting patterns.

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