1. Introduction

Welcome to the Addictionary 2: Eating Addiction Recovery Tools. We are about halfway through development of this guide, based on our book, Addictionary: A Primer of Recovery Terms and Concepts from Abstinence to Withdrawal, published in 1992 by Fireside/Parkside (Simon & Schuster), and later by Hazelden, which discontinued it in 2006. It is now out of print, though you can still find a few used copies, for example on Amazon. We are also incorporating information from a series of articles we wrote in 1992, called the Eating Disorders Information Network.

We have added all of the modules from that earlier book (approximately 190). Many still need updating, and we are working on that. Some things have changed quite a bit since 1992, and we have already added some additional modules, over 40 so far.

This chapter is an introduction to this guide. If you’re in a hurry, you might want to skip over these modules and go directly to the second chapter, Jump Start to get started or re-committed to recovery.

The modules in this chapter are below the toolbox. You can click on one of them, or on one of the choices on the navigation toolbar at the top or bottom of the page.

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