Emotions Anonymous (EA)

Most EA members suffer from anger, depression, grief, anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, shame, or any other strong emotions. By using the fellowship and working the Steps and other tools of the Program, they develop the ability to detach from their problems. “Part of our serenity comes from being able to live at peace with unsolved problems.” (Emotions Anonymous, 1978, p. 244.)


This branch of the Twelve-Step tree, applying the Twelve Steps to problems that do not directly involve addiction, has not reached as many people as the AA and Al-Anon style groups. EA is over twenty years old, and has about sixteen hundred groups worldwide. That is much larger than most self-help organizations, which usually have about five hundred groups or less. But it does not begin to compare to AA, with ninety thousand groups, or Al-Anon, with twenty-seven thousand groups. One reality is that once you leave a specific addiction orientation, there are many groups open to you. People who could benefit from EA may already be in almost any other Twelve-Step group.

Try EA

For more information on EA check the white pages of your phone book, or call:

Emotions Anonymous
PO Box 4245
St. Paul, MN 55104-0245
(612) 647-9712

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Updated 31 Aug 2015

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