First Things First

This module (page) is to give you a starting point, something you can do right now to deal with a problem or concern you may have about your eating. In case it isn’t eating that you are dealing with, this module might still give you some hints about how to work with it.

The very first task is to try to interrupt any obvious behavior that might be making healthy eating hard for you. Examples are bingeing, including bingeing on foods that are high in sugar, fat, or salt, purging (like vomiting, using laxatives, or rigorous dieting or exercise to compensate for eating too much), or other unusual behavior about food.

A natural piece of advice for an alcoholic is to try to stop drinking long enough to start learning about alcoholism and recovery. Eating addiction is a little more complicated because you can’t just stop eating, but it isn’t really any more difficult in practice.

You might begin by just looking at your typical eating pattern. Do you eat too much or too little at meals, snacking, eating all day long, or what? Do you finish the kids meals? Eat (not taste) while cooking? This should not be an exhaustive study, just a little information that will help you in the next module, called No Diet.

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