A Tool of OA

Literature is one of the tools of Overeaters Anonymous. Here are some of the literature that OA approves and sells:

Some books:

  • Abstinence, Second Edition
  • For Today
  • Overeaters Anonymous, Third Edition (Brown Book)
  • Taste of Lifetime
  • The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous
  • Voices of Recovery

Also some pamphlets:

  • A Guide for Sponsors
  • A Plan of Eating: A Tool for Living - One Day at a Time
  • Dignity of Choice
  • Fourth-Step Inventory Guide
  • Strong Abstinence Checklist and Writing Exercise (Wallet Card)

These are available from the OA Bookstore. A few, including Overeaters Anonymous (the Brown Book) are available from Amazon as a Kindle Ebook.

Literature, see also: Brown Book, Coping skills, Paradoxes in addiction, Steps of AA, Storytelling, Visualizations, Writing.

Updated 16 Sep 2015

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