Tools of Recovery

Tools of OA

Overeaters Anonymous emphasizes a list of Tools that are important parts of the recovery process. Virtually every Twelve-Step program uses these tools, but most of them simply incorporate them into their literature and programs. We will only mention them here, because each is discussed in a module of its own in this guide.

Twelve Steps as Tools

More than 200 self-help groups have adapted the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous to their own specific addictions or other problems. Many addicts in recovery say that successful implementation of the Steps as tools has given their lives peace, serenity, meaning, and freedom from addiction. Other tools are not discouraged, but long-term recovery from addiction is best assured by adopting a spiritual way of living, as found in the Steps.

Tools of recovery, see also: Abstinence, Anonymity, Contacts, Coping skills, Detachment, Intervention, Love & caring, Meetings, Priorities, Service & giving, Slogans, Sponsorship, Steps of AA, Traditions of AA, Trust.

Updated 12 Sep 2015

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