Who Is It For?

Who is this guide for? Who is our target audience? At least the following:

  • You know or suspect you have a problem with eating addiction, but have little or no experience with addiction recovery.
  • You have experience with addiction and addiction recovery, and think you might need to deal with your eating in that context.
  • You have tried dealing with your eating addiction but have not been very successful, or have relapsed.
  • You are struggling with eating problems, but not at all sure whether it has anything to do with addiction.
  • You have an addiction or addiction related problem, but there is no local recovery program for it. Perhaps you are using open AA meetings for it.
  • You work with addictions or addicts, professionally or not, and would like to enhance your tools to deal with addicts -- especially eating addicts, or less common addictions.

If you don’t fit any of those categories, but find this guide useful anyway, we’d love to hear from you, at .

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Updated 4 Oct 2015

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